Felt Eyes

Some of my amigurumi patterns use felt eyes and shapes, inspired by one of my favourite amigurumi designers Nerdy Knitter Designs. Why felt eyes? I like the look of it and I like the freedom it gives when making eyes. My embroidery skills are pretty basic, plastic eyes are pretty cute but I just like to make eyes out of felt. So here’s a little tutorial to show you how I do it.

What you will need:

  • Your pattern template (if you’re using one of my patterns you’ll find this on the last page)
  • Felt in required colours
  • Sewing thread in the same or similar colours to your felt
  • Sellotape (or contact sheets)
  • Sharp scissors
  • A couple of pins
  • A sewing needle

1. Roughly cut out the shape you want to make from your template. You will always start from the biggest layer and work your way up, in this case it’s the white layer. Place your template onto your felt and tape it into place, you only need the tape to go just over the edges of the paper. Cut out the taped section of felt.

2. Carefully cut around out your shape. You’re tape paper will come away from the felt and ta dah! you have the first layer of your eye cut out

3. Repeat the process for each layer, making sure your tape goes just past the paper so that it keeps the template secure while you cut.

Next you need to stick your layers together. You could use fabric glue for this but I prefer to sew them together as it makes them more secure, especially if little hands will be playing with the finished toy!

4. To sew your pieces together, thread your sewing needle and tie a knot at the end. Place your first 2 layers together and use a pin to hold in place. Using a back stitch, sew around the edge of your top layer, making sure your needle goes through both layers. Secure your thread with a knot at the end.

step 15


5. Repeat for each layer.

Once you have all your pieces cut out and sewn together you’ll want to attach them to your finished teddy. Again, you could use fabric glue but I prefer to sew them on.

step 16

6.  Using pins, place your eyes where you would like them.

7. Same as before, thread your needle and tie an knot. Bring your needles up through the felt for the first stitch so that the knot secure your thread in place. Using the back stitch, sew the eye in place, making sure your needle goes through both the toy and the felt. Secure your thread at the end.

step 19


And there you have it!

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