Amigurumi Colour Change

step 10

There are different ways to manage colour changes in amigurumi. I usually opt for carrying the thread with me and crocheting over it (so it’s hidden) or I cut the yarn at each change and tie a knot. Which one I chose depends on how many colours I’m using and how many rounds I have to crochet. There are other ways but the reason these two are my favourite is it means I don’t have any yarn cutting across the inside of my work, getting in the way of stuffing. For the purposes of this tutorial though I will focus on cutting the yarn.

step 1


1. Colour change in crochet requires a little bit of foresight, in that the new colour yarn is introduced on the last step of the previous stitch. Basically all that mean is when you get to the last stitch before the colour change is required you put your yarn through the next stitch (the last stitch of round in this instance) and draw your yarn through. You will now have 2 loops on the hook.

2. Leave the 2 loops on the hook and pick up your new colour. Making sure to leave a tail long enough to be knotted, pull your new yarn through the 2 loops on the hook. You might need to pull a little on the tail to tighten adjust the stitch.

3. Continue to crochet as normal for as many stitches indicated in the pattern. It’s a good idea to stop after 4 or 5 stitches to cut the original colour yarn and tie your 2 ends together so they are secure. Trim them if necessary but they are going to be on the inside of your work anyway so it doesn’t matter too much.

step 8


4. When you get to the next colour change, just repeat, again remembering to add your new colour at the last step of your last stitch.

step 9


5. When you get to the end of the round (and each colour change), you’ll need to rejoin the required colour yarn and repeat the process. If you are doing a lot of colour changing over a lot of rounds, this could become quite tedious and you might want to look at other methods but for small projects this method works quite well.

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