Crochet Tutorial – Discreet Decrease

This is a tutorial I wrote last year on how to do a Discreet Decrease in crochet. It’s particularly useful for amigurumi. A member of our knitting group was asking about recently so I said I’d share it with you all again!

If you’ve already done some shaping in crochet then you probably already know to decrease, you work the first half of a dc in the the first stitch, then in the next stitch and pull a loop through both. Simples! The only thing I don’t like about this decrease is that I find it can be quite visible when working in the round, and given my love of amigurumi you can be sure that I work in the round a lot! So this is how I decrease when working in the round, it’s just as simple once you get used to it and it creates a much more discreet stitch (hence the name, although I’m sure it has another one, that’s what I like to call it)🙂

You can read the rest of the tutorial here -> Discreet Decrease

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