Return to normality (or what passes for it here!)

After a few hectic days of last minute Back to School preparations, we were all set for Saoirse to go back to school on Tuesday. Which was all well and good, but it turned out she wasn’t actually back until Wednesday. Of course we didn’t realise this until we reached the school gate and tears and a rant about ensued about the unfairness of school not starting until the next day. “It’s not fair on children like me who really like school!” So off we tottered back home where our woes were taken care of with tea and muffins. Wednesday morning arrived and normality resumed. After the 2 months of routinless summer holidays, I welcomed the change and am easing myself into something that resembles a work schedule again. This schedule that I allude to will hopefully allow me to put some more focus on the blogging side of things. I will also have a bit of news of some other changes that are planned but can’t reveal anything yet. For now I’ll leave you with some more photos of our caravan adventure! I’ll give you a run down of my WIPs and FOs next week!

Glendalough, Co. Wicklow

I used to love coming here as a kid. It is such a beautiful place. We only walked as far as the lake but the full walk is well worth the effort for those of you into walking!

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Greenan Farm, Maze and Museum

We had a brilliant afternoon here. The treasure hunt was a great way to see the whole farm and it’s offerings.Both mazes was excellent and it was wonderful to see all the old farm tools and machinery in the museum and to get a glimpse into life as it used to be in the farmhouse.

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Nore Valley Park

This is easily our favourite campsite out of the ones we’ve visited so far. Everytime we’ve been there has been a wonderful atmosphere, no matter how busy or quiet. The lads working on the farm are brilliant with the kids. Saoirse absolutely loves it here and we’re able to rest easy knowing that she’s safe and having fun. It’s also not the money racket that other holiday parks can be. Some places we’ve been are €5 here, and €5 there. Before you know it, your holiday costs have increased considerably. But, even though some of the activities do need to be paid for, it’s more like €1.50 here and €2 there, but there’s plenty of free activities too like the playground, the hay bounce (you have no idea of how much entertainment the kids seem to get out of this!), animal feedings 3 times a day, free unlimited access to the farm and lots of new friendships.

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And that is the last of the holiday photos, I promise!

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