The week in pictures

I’m off on my holibobs in our caravan at the moment so this is just a quick post with project photos and rain!

Saoirse’s Little Hat is starting to come along. Having a hard time getting her to take out the knitting on holidays though even though we’ve had a couple of rainy days.

The Gondola KAL is coming along nicely. I wasn’t sure about the beads when I was picking them but I’m happy with the result so far! Can’t wait to see the next part of the design process!

I finally swatched for the Paintbox KAL by Tin Can Knits. I took a bit of practice to get used to not holding the floats too tight but by the time I cast on the Grey Rose hat by Thea Coleman, I had more or less gotten the hang of it! There will definitely be more stranded knitting in my future!

I have the body and one sleeve done on the Owlet sweater by Kate Davies. I’m still apprehensive about whether or not I’ll have enough to make the whole jumper but I’ll plough on with it!

I’m having a lot of fun knitting my Slipt socks by Clare Devine in my fantastic skein of Orange Mocha Frappacino Sparkly Bluefaced Baron by Countess Ablaze. The pattern is nice and relaxing and the yarn is just fabulous!

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