I love good crafty hack

So yesterday was my birthday so I’m late with the blog as I was busy taking a day off and getting  acquainted with some lovely Debbie Bliss Rialto lace that I treated myself too. Today, isn’t quite going to happen for the blog either but fear not, I still found something to share with you, this little hack by Freshstitches for working out just how much yarn you need is pretty nifty and well worth a read.

PS. If you happen to be around Waterford this evening I will be at the Ladies Pamper and Style Night in the Tower Hotel with my creations, which will be on special offer for the night only! I’ll also be taking names of those of you who are interested in classes and workshops that I hope to start up this summer.

We’ve all done this, right? You have a ball (or partial ball) of yarn, and you want to know how much you can knit/crochet until you run out. How do you calculate this? I’ll show you! How to calculate how many stitches you can get from your yarn I’m detailing each of these steps, below!…

via How to Knit or Crochet Using an *Exact* Amount of Yardage! — FreshStitches

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