Crafters Crafters Everywhere!

Or at least hiding out in living rooms and kitchens around Waterford. When I started up The Peeko Crafters a couple of weeks ago I had an inkling that there had to be more crafty folk secretly making wonderful creations in their living rooms, hanging out on Facebook craft groups and Ravelry forums. It makes us crafters seem like awful anti-social creatures altogether, which is of course completely ludicrous. Give us a cup of tea, a ball of yarn and your ears and we’ll talk until the cows come home (or until we need to count stitches). And that is what The Peeko Crafters is all about, giving cooped up crafters a place to meet, drink tea, create and chat with like minded lovely people.

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It is also quickly becoming a place for non-crafters to be introduced to the wonderful world of knitting and crochet. Even though we’re only heading into our 3rd week this week, we’ve already gotten 3 people who’ve never picked up needles and hooks, knitting, purling and crocheting granny squares like pros.

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If The Peeko Crafters proves anything it is that knitting and crochet is not something only your granny did (but she does have a lot to teach you if you’re ready to learn), us crafters are not a dying breed, if anything we’re flourishing. The benefits of crafting have been documented time and time again (you can find out more here) and a craft group like The Peeko Crafters is such a lovely relaxed way of getting out of the house and meeting new people. It also saves on hours of watching youtube videos trying to work out a certain stitch or project. You just can’t beat in person learning! So if you happen to knocking around on a Thursday evening between 7 and 9, have €3* to spare and fancy a bit of guilt free crafting, pop into us in A. M. The Home Workshop for a cupa, a chat and some crafty shenanigans! If you’re a complete newbie and have no idea what to bring, send me a message and I’ll give you the down low on what to get and where to get it!


*All proceed go back into group, click here for more info

2 thoughts on “Crafters Crafters Everywhere!

    1. The cake eating and chatting are the most important part of a crafty meeting. I have to say though, The Peeko Crafters tend to be a pretty industrious bunch. Maybe we need more cake!


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