The Peeko Crafters – New Craft Group for Waterford!


I’ve been working on a new exciting project lately and I can’t wait to get it started! The Peeko Crafters is a brand spanking new craft group that will be starting in Waterford 31st March 2016!

It will take place every Thursday evening between 7-9pm in A.M. The Home Workshop for coffee, wine, chats and some serious crafting shenanigans for only €3 weekly (all proceeds go back into the group to pay for rent, coffee, advertising and future workshops)

Open to crafters of all sorts and skills, be you a beginner knitter, master weaver, avid colouring book fanatic, you name it, you’re welcome to come along and share your skills or learn some new ones in a cozy crafty space.

Coffee and wine drinking is strongly encouraged.And if you make cakes, we like those too. Bring them and you’ll get preferential treatment (not really but it would make us really happy)

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