Let’s all shop handmade this Christmas

If you follow me on Facebook  then you might have seen my post last week about shopping handmade and local this Christmas. Before I started selling my own creations I used to make a lot of Christmas presents for my nearest and dearest. As I’ve gotten busier though it’s become harder to fit in personal projects but that doesn’t mean that I can’t still gift something unique, heartfelt and handmade.

Since I started selling, I’ve come across some absolutely amazing handmade businesses, all small enterprises like mine, with talented and passionate artisans behind them. It got me thinking, as well as buying from these lovely people, I’d really like to see some of you buying from them as well. So I have decided to  share some of these businesses with you all and show you some of my favourite creations from them. Every week, running up to Christmas I’m going to have a blog post showcasing some of my favourite products from my favourite handmade businesses I’ve gotten to know over the last year and a half, from local Waterford businesses, Etsy Ireland shops, Craft Hour shops, brand spanking new Handmade at Amazon shops and some of the fabulous stall owners at St Patricks Gateway Market.

So if you’re on the look out for that perfect handmade Christmas gift, keep your eyes peeled for my Chirstmas Gift guide over the coming weeks! The first post will be out this Friday!

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