Personalised Crochet Elephants

Thank goodness it’s Friday! The last 2 weeks have been pretty busy between our couple of days away in Ballycotton, getting the little lady back to school and nursing a sinus infection (still on antibiotics for that one!) None the less I still managed to get some work done! Instead of lumping it all into one blog post I’ll update you all on my happenings of the last couple of weeks over a few posts. First up is these two cuties!

Two Elephants waiting to be personalised

These two little cuties were made for 2 customers. Both are new born baby gifts for babies that hadn’t quite arrived yet! So I made up the elephants once the orders were placed and they were to stay with me until their new buddies were born, at which point I would personalise them with baby’s name and Date of Birth. The little green fella is still here hanging out with me as his buddy isn’t expected until next month, but the yellow elephant is already gone to his new home

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