End of Radio Silence…

Ok, it’s not so much radio silence as blogging negligence but I’m back and to start off here’s a little update of what I’ve been up to since you heard from me last.

I’ll start with the most exciting projects first and they are a couple of designs that I’ve been working on for ILikeCrochet.com for their December 2015 Issue. Super excited about the opportunity to design for this wonderful online magazine. I’ll tell you more closer to the publication date!

Next up was the release of Mickey the Monkey and the crochet pattern to create this cute little critter. You can check them both out over on my Etsy shop and I’ll have a blog post about the little fella for you all soon! I also had a couple of orders for Mickey and Louie (he’s the adorable little elephant) in a few different colours so they’re also all available from the Etsy shop AND I’ll be taking orders for whatever custom colours you’d like.


This is the reason for 16 days of my radio silence, I went adventuring across 250km of the Camino the Santiago with my better half and a couple of friends. For any of you who have been meaning to do this walk I couldn’t recommend it enough. It was absolutely amazing. We camped most of the way which really added to the experience (as did the cheap food and wine) I had brought some tatting with me but walking 20km every day with 10kg on my back and a bottle of wine in the evening didn’t leave much motivation for concentration on little bits of thread so bar a couple of rings and chains, the tatting came home the same as it went!

Before heading off on my adventures I managed to swindle some of my earrings into this absolute gem of a shop in Galway. Galway Crafts and Collectables is an absolute treasure trove of antique, vintage and crafty finds so if you’re knocking around that part of the world at all I’d definitely make sure to pop in.

If it’s the other end of the country you’re wandering around though make sure to pop into Craft Central in New Ross. Not only can you find some of my jewellery and some of my colourful amigurumi critters, you can get your hands on some wonderful crafting supplies, crafts and sign up for some brilliant workshops!

So that’s the bulk of my news up to now. As well as a blog post on the monkey, keep an eye out for a post on my current personal project for a friends expected little bundle of joy, you can check out the progress on Ravelry until then!

I’ve a couple of new ideas in the pipeline (one of which involves an owl, whoo hoo!) so I’ve plenty of reasons to keep on track of my blogging so you’ll be hearing from me soon!

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