Louie the Elephant

grey and pink louie

Meet Louie the Elephant! Louie’s favourite things are loves and lollipops. He’d make a great little buddy for someone who’s also a fan of loves and lollipops (and super cute elephants)

Front 1

The initial idea for Louie was born out of my own love for adorable baby elephants (you can expect a lot of little amigurumi creatures appearing because of my obsession with just about all baby creatures!). Like Bing, Louie is made with Rico Creative Cotton Aran, which is a 100% Cotton yarn. You really can’t go wrong with cotton when it comes to making something for cuddles. 🙂

Louie’s over-sized ears and limbs really add to his cuteness (and squishability) and who could say no to those eyes?


Soon after I made the original Louie I had an order for a pink Louie, who I named Lola (just so Louie wouldn’t be having an identity crisis) I’m looking forward to creating some more colourful elephants soon – yet another reason I love Rico Creative Cotton, the range of colours is absolutely wonderful!

pink louie front

The finished Louie and Lola toys are available from the Etsy shop since last week and the pattern has just been released today! You can purchase it from Etsy, Ravelry and it will be available on LoveKnitting in a few days. Here’s a couple of photos from my wonderful pattern testers who’ve already made their own Louie the elephants!


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