Bing Bunny Pattern Testers Needed! – TEST FINISHED

bing bunny front



The pattern for Bing is now available from Ravelry.

Bing has had his photo shoot and his pattern is finished. Whoo hoo! Only one thing left and that’s for some of you lovely crocheters out there to give the pattern a test drive for me!

If you’re interested, drop me an e-mail to I’ll send you on the PDF of the pattern for free (who doesn’t love free stuff?). You’ll have 2 weeks (from today) to complete the pattern. Once you have your own cuddly Bing, take a few pics and e-mail them to me along with any feedback you might have about the pattern. I’ll then go off to the craft cave (I don’t really have a craft cave), edit the pattern and send you on the updated version. I’ll also feature your photos on the blog. I won’t use your e-mail address for any spammy nonsense, although, if you would like to test any future patterns just let me know when you e-mail me and I’ll contact you in advance with any new patterns needing your testing skills 🙂

So what do you need to make Bing? Some basic amigurumi skills and some simple sewing skills for assembling and making the felt features. Along with those you’ll need some aran yarn (worsted for those on the other side of the lake) in the colours shown in the photo,  a crochet hook that works with your chosen yarn, some felt and matching sewing thread in the colours shown, some dark grey embroidery thread and a button. If you have a load of aran yarn and felt and embroidery thread lying around in your stash that aren’t the right colours and you don’t want to buy new yarn (and you don’t mind your Bing being different colours), go ahead and use that.

Any questions feel free to ask away in the comments 🙂



2 thoughts on “Bing Bunny Pattern Testers Needed! – TEST FINISHED

  1. Your Crocheting is amazing. Looking forward to receiving my grandsons Bing. Thank you regards Jenny Richmond


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