My Little Pony – Amigurumi


I was asked a while ago by The Wool Shop to write a blog post about the My Little Pony toys that I made for my daughter. First I want to mention that these are not my own design but are designed by a very talented designer from the US who trades under the name Nerdy Knitter Designs. Shas a whole range of amigurumi toys based on My Little Pony, Pokemon and other popular toys and tv shows. You can check her out on her blog where you can find links to her pattern stores as well 🙂

My first My Little Pony - Rainbow Dash
My first My Little Pony – Rainbow Dash

The little ponies that I’ve made so far are Rainbow Dash, Princess Cadence and I just finished Fluttershy this week. I first made Rainbow Dash for my daughter for last Easter instead of an Easter egg (she gets so much chocolate off family that I figured something like this would be loved for much longer than an egg that would be devoured in no time!) She loved Rainbow Dash so much I decided to make her another one, after much deliberation about what her next favourite pony was, she decided she’d like to have Princess Cadence next.

Saoirse with Rainbow Dash Easter Morning
Saoirse with Rainbow Dash Easter Morning

The patterns call for a Worsted weight acrylic yarn. (That’s aran weight to us over on this side of the lake) I had a hard time finding acrylic yarns in the colours required but I found the Rico Creative Cotton Aran range on Although it worked out more expensive than an acrylic yarn, the colours were spot on and it made the ponies super soft for optimal cuddling. It has now become my favourite yarn to work amigurumi with and if you keep an eye out here, you’ll soon see some of my own designs worked in this yarn 🙂

Some of my Little Pony’s were worked in different yarn from my stash, Cadence is worked mainly in a Baby Pink Baby Acrylic yarn I had and the purple found on Rainbow Dash and Cadence are Sirdar Simply Recycled Aran but Fluttershy is all Rico Creative Cotton

Princess Cadence
Princess Cadence

I love the attention to detail in the My Little Pony patterns, from very precise shaping to little yarny replicas of added accessories. One of the things that really makes these ponies for me are the eyes. As recommended by the designer, I made the eyes using felt. Each layer of the eye is hand cut and then hand-stitched together before being applied to the pony. It’s fiddly work but well worth the effort for the final effect and it’s something I’ve adopted for my own amigurumi designs.


Fluttershy in the making
Fluttershy in the making

The patterns aren’t overly tricky either, once you have a few basic crochet and shaping skills you’re set to go, so if you have a My Little Pony fan at home (or are one yourself!) I definitely recommend heading over to Nerdy Knitter Designs, getting yourself a pattern, then heading over to The Wool Shop, picking yourself up some yarn, get out the hook and get crocheting 🙂 I’ve already been instructed by the boss to make Applejack so I’ll let you know when I’ve started 🙂



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