Be My Valentine


Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been busy collaborating with the wonderful Maria from Stitching Pretty making these Hand-Stitched Red Felt and White Tatted Lace Valentine’s Hearts. Today is the first time I saw the photos of the finished product and I’m in love with them 🙂

When we first came up with the idea I got straight at it with my shuttle and thread and worked up these few hearts.


I jumped the gun a bit though as a couple of days later the felt samples from Maria came in the post and the shapes didn’t really match up, but ever happy for an excuse to make more lace I went back to my Pinterest board and worked up a couple of more hearts until I landed a heart pattern featuring three flowers (for all you tatters out there, this site is great for free patterns!) and knew I found my match.


Maria had sent me on 3 large hearts and 3 small ones so instead of looking for 5 more different patterns I decided to play around with what I had first. Eventually I came up with a set of designs based around the heart and flowers design that I was happy with. For the matching keyring for the heart and flowers design, I simply worked the flower of  rings with surrounding chains on it’s own. (These are the middle hearts pictured below)

On the right you can see the next one I worked 3 different sized flowers without the chains and voila, another heart sorted. For the matching keyring for this one I simply worked another flower in a Size 20 thread instead of Size 10, which the rest of the tatting is worked in.

The last design, on the left, I worked on is based on the point of the heart and flowers pattern but features and ruffle stitch heart, it’s little matching heart is a simple chain design.

Valentine’s hearts before Maria worked her magic 🙂

The project was then handed over to Maria, who stuffed and hand-stitched the felt hearts, attached the lace and added the ribbon and keyring chains.

They’ll be available from the shop this week and I heard rumor of a competition…ssshh 🙂

I’ve really enjoyed working with another crafter on this project and hope to work on more projects with Stitching Pretty in the future 🙂





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