Getting Organised


I’m determined to get myself organised this year, both online and offline, so for the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing just that. I spent a lot of November and December chasing my tail and trying to juggle everything between Peeko Crafts, Christmas, housework and family. Christmas shopping and decorating very nearly became a last minute thing, (and I hate last minute Christmas shopping!). My house just about survived with a couple of quick cleans and my craft room ended up looking like a group of hyper preschoolers had spent a day in there pulling out just about everything they could get their hands on. Needless to say, not much crafting has been done this week but things are starting to pull together for the year ahead and I’m looking forward to really getting stuck into planning, designing and making some new products for my Spring product line. I decided to share some of my goals with you in the hope that it would help keep me on track 🙂


One of the first things I promised myself is that I’d get on top of keeping an updated calendar and a realistic To Do List. For the first time in my life I went out and bought a Yearly and a Daily Planner and I finally understand why people use them (I think that’s a sign of growing up 😀 )  There’s something highly satisfying about writing a To Do list, crossing things off it and not having to rewrite them again for the next days list. Planners, calendars and manageable To Do lists are definitely the way to go. I know, hardly an epiphany but hey, I’m getting there.

The next thing goal is to get myself out there more on social media and my blog  I’ve already started this and with a bit of forward planning I’m managing to keep up the communication with all my followers on different platforms without  it taking over the rest of my day. I’m not a huge a fan of spending a load of time on the phone updating social media constantly (I’d much prefer to be sitting down with a needles, hook or shuttle in my hands!) but being organised and planning ahead is working it’s magic here again!


As I mentioned earlier, my craft room took the brunt of my disorganization over the Christmas period so I’ve been spending a bit of time in there everyday this week getting it straightened out and reorganised. Between reorganising my yarn, thread, paper and beads stash, to changing around shelves and drawers, I think it’s just about ready to reenter and work in without fear of being trapped under an avalanche of yarn or paper. All this lot still needs to be sorted out but one little bit at a time!

So here’s to a crafty and organised New Year with lots of new products and you hearing a lot more from me! (Not too much though 😀 )


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