The Lasting Impression of a Handmade Gift

Before Christmas I shared a very touching article from The Irish Times on my Facebook page about the lasting impression the gift of a hand-knitted circus left on the writer. I was instantly moved by the piece as I’ve seen the power a handmade gift can have over a person, in particular a child. In today’s modern world which is dominated by tablets and smartphones, it is so heartwarming to see a child instantly grow so fond of something so old school as a handmade toy.

I was reminded again of this article yesterday when I got this message from a customer who bought a custom made amigurumi  unicorn for her daughter for Christmas.

“Ella has to bring her unicorn to bed with her every night, and if someone asks her what she got for Christmas the unicorn is always mentioned. I’m big on the fact that Christmas isn’t just about big expensive toys, so you’ve no idea how delighted I am that something handmade has left such an impression on her.” – Maria, Waterford

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It’s so lovely to hear stories like this and to know that your work is loved. I see it everyday with my own daughter (who is now 6) who absolutely adores two My Little Pony toys that I made her. As a baby and toddler she never really had a teddy that had to be brought to bed every night. But hen I made her Rainbow Dash for Easter last year, she instantly became that teddy. I recently finished making Princess Cadence for her the two of them have to go everywhere.

Handmade gifts really do leave a more lasting impression on the receiver, even a young child can tell that it is something special and unique. When a crafter says “Handmade With Love” we really do mean it, and that loves transcends into our work and touches the person who receives it.

Pattern for unicorn is from Little Yarn Friends

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