Peeko Crafts – In a Nutshell

The name “Peeko Crafts” is a play on the needlecraft term “Picot“. A picot is a functional and design element of crafting that not only embellishes a piece but also provides a practical function of joining pieces together. Jewellery and Accessories are like the picots of an outfit, they embellish what you’re wearing and help to tie it all together.

As my name comes from a play on needlecraft terminology it’s only fitting that what I create is either knitted, crocheted or tatted! From tatted lace jewellery to hand-knitted kids accessories to crocheted flowers, I like to use a lot of colourful threads, yarns and beads in my creations – perfect for coordinating with or adding a dash of colour to an outfit.

All my items are lovingly handcrafted by myself, Aimee Croke, in the heart of Waterford City, Ireland. Not only are my items made in Waterford, where possible, my supplies are locally sourced.

Add a dash of colour to your outfit with these fun earrings

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